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Crowning the existing cooperation

Two partners started a joint development of the machine MCFV 5050 LN in 1998 – the then a. s. ZPS Zlín and Faculty of Engineering of EVUT Prague, under the auspices of Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic. Its aim was to gain necessary information on building machines featuring high speed machining and to know their characteristics. To achieve machine’s high dynamics, linear drives were applied, even though back then, there existed no practical experience with their use either in the Czech Republic or in Europe.

The basis for the machine’s construction was a skeleton of a vertical centre of ZPS provenance, which was adjusted for application of linear drives and of high-speed spindle.  The prototype was finished in 2000 and exhibited at IMT 2000 in Brno as the first application of linear drives in the Czech Republic. The machine was subject to a number of measurements and hands-on tests carried out by the Research Centre for Engineering and Technology, section of Faculty of Engineering of EVUT Prague. The results were passed to TAJMAC-ZPS for further use at designing a new range of vertical and horizontal machining centres. 
On 2002  representatives of our company handed over this machine, MCVF 5050LN ceremonially to become exclusive property of EVUT Prague.

Professor Jaromír Houša, Head of VCSVTT said: “The act of handing over the first Czech machine with linear drives to the exclusive ownership of EVUT means that the company TAJMAC-ZPS shows a very positive attitude to the support of research and development in the area of machine tools as well as to close cooperation with university background. This act is an exemplary crowning of partnership between a university and a company, where an experimental machine created by the two partners with the assistance of state funds is given to an R&D centre to be used at the education and training of coming young specialists. The results of further tests on the machine will also be useful at innovation activities of the company, which continues in development of high dynamics machines.“

There is a whole range of other projects included in the joint activities of the company and EVUT Prague, which will go on in the years to come to bring out solutions in design of high speed spindles, kinetics of new high dynamics machines, etc.

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